EmbodyBirth Classes


The Ancient Art of Childbirth Preparation Classes

Inspired by Bellydancebirth and somatic processes



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EmbodyBirth pre-natal classes lead women home by providing a sacred space to explore intuitive movements for birth. When a woman dances into the natural rhythms of her body with her baby she can find places within that speak to and guide her. This is the way she faces fears and dissolves them. EmbodyBirth classes support you to become confident and strong to listen to your body’s lyrics in order to open for childbirth with relaxed autonomy.

***Connect with Baby***

The mystical birth codes of the feminine are imprinted within your womb wisdom. EmbodyBirth will show you how to access and activate this knowledge.

*The living book is within...read her**

Be guided through intuitive movement in a safe and welcoming space connecting with your baby and inner self. As you open and expand, so will your knowledge and confidence from the energy and insight of a circle of expectant Mothers, all honouring the language of the feminine for birth.

**Let go of fear**

Journey through pregnancy processes which circle and embalm the inner energy of a Mother. As you are led to spiral into your womb space, you open a trove of wisdom. Your inner guide is awakened by movement of your own energy which you succumb to, as you can’t help but dance the dance that many have danced before you, created from within.

**Come and be pampered**

The 4 class workshop comprise of the following:

1. Opening circle & blessings - Meet other Mums and create circles of friends

2. Warms ups – gentle stretches to feel your body begin to soften & open

3. Introduction & Review of BellydanceBirth dance moves

4. Pregnancy process – oh so very lovely ways to help you connect with baby and prepare for your upcoming birth -   belly rubs, henna, jewellery...

5. Free Dance – let yourself go

6. Relaxation – your time to connect with yourself

7. Closing Circle & Blessings – so you may go about your day in the most beautiful way

DAY/DATES: Sundays - 10, 17, 21, 28 July 2016

TIME: 10am to 11:30am

WHERE: Midland Womens Health Care Place - such a beautiful space with lovely energy


Hipscarf, handouts, bindis, vouchers for infant massage, lactation cookies & further doula related services

Cost for 4 classes = $100


I am so excited to be sharing this beautiful process with you. I danced in preparation for the birth of my son Keanu in August last year. It was the most memorable experience of my life. Sharing my time with you all is such a blessing and very empowering.





"I feel truly blessed I found out about the classes and was able to participate in something with such a lovely energy. Thank you so much!!"

"My deep gratitude and hopes that you are able to share Bellydance for Birth with more women in the future".


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