Angel Infant Massage Training

Why Infant Massage?

I decided to learn Infant Massage in 2009 when I gave birth to my first son Kai. Born 7 weeks premature, it was one of the most difficult and frightful times of my life. I found myself wanting to massage the tiny little body on a daily basis to bond with my very tiny 2.2kg son. His development was phenomenal and he was out of observation within a week and home in 10 days. He then grew incredibly quickly, strong and it didn't even seem that he was born nearly 2 months too early. Kai's development since has been nothing but amazing - he surprises me every day. I credit infant massage for his rapid development in the early stages and continue to credit its remarkable power not only for my children, but myself too. I've since been blessed with another little Angel, Kaiden who, born 13 months after Kai is developing just as well and is just as delicious as his big brother.

As a Mother, I am thrilled to be able to share the Power of Touch with expecting parents, parents, carers & children of all ages.                           CIMI Logo