Benefits for Parents & Carers

Massage can help improve mother and baby bonding, caregivers show signs of feeling less stressed, and fathers have been found to have improved interaction behavious with their infants after learning massage.

Ideal for Pre-term Infants

Recent research has shown massage therapy facilitates weight gain in pre-term infants as well as earlier discharge than other infants.

Decrease Stress in Both Mother & Baby

Energy transfer between Mother and Baby is an amazing phenomenon. Recent studies have shown positive outcomes in stressed infants, from undertaking massage regularly over a period of time. Infants showed reduced stress hormones, slept better, cried less and were generally more responsive. Studies have also shown that this also assists Mothers to deal with their own depression and stress.

Assist with Colic, Wind, Constipation & Reflux

Massage can help stimulate the digestive system assisting in eliminating wind and waste from the body. Stimulation of the nervous system aids in its development and assists with reflux.

A Massaged Baby is a Happy Baby!

Massaging your baby daily will help increase their dopamine levels which have been found to play important roles in enjoyment, cognition, voluntary movement, reward, sleep, mood, attention and learning.

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