A Must for New Mums!

After meeting Rani at the baby expo in Perth we had the pleasure of her coming to our place for a private introduction to baby massage. Very warm and friendly, she showed us (using dolls) the different types of massages that will help us bond with our baby when she is born, help aid digestion and help prevent things like wind and reflux.


We simultaneously did the same massage movements on the dolls and this will hopefully help me remember the techniques! She also had some great advice with routines, bathing and other bits of info, invaluable for a first-time Mum like myself. Overall we had a great evening and when she left we both commented that it was definitely worthwhile and that we feel more relaxed and confident about becoming new parents. I would highly recommend Rani to any parent - new or old! - as there are just so many benefits to infant massage.



All New Mums and Dads Need To Do This

A friend recommended Rani as DS seemed to have bad wind and would cry a lot. He also finds crapping very uncomfortable and cries. Rani came to our house and showed us how to massage DS to help him with his wind. He really enjoys the massage and it is a great way to bond with him and actively do something when he is experiencing discomfort. The massage works a treat to help my son and is foolproof - he craps within half an hour of having a massage which provides great relief to us both. Rani, being a Mum herself has lots of experience with baby and some great tips for us. She is a warm and friendly person and I would thoroughly recommend Angel Infant Massage to anyone particularly new mums.

A Really Lovely Experience!

I'd always wanted to learn baby massage but hadn't got around to it. After the birth of my second child, I went to the Baby Expo at the Perth Showgrounds and met Rani at her stall promoting Baby Massage. Rani was so lovely and showed me some ways to help ease the pain caused by wind in my 2 month old daughter by massaging her stomach and other techniques. I immediately signed up for a class the next fortnight. In the meantime, I tried the suggestions she had given me when my daughter was unsettled, and it gave her immediate comfort. I learned even more during the class, and even took my husband along to learn too! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I found it was a great excuse to have some one on on time with my daughter, as I also have a 15 month old son and feels he gets most of the attention. My daughter just loves it, and it's a really lovely way of bonding with her and feeling like your giving them something other than just food and hugs! I've signed up for the next course and can't wait! Thanks Rani (o:

Great for Settling Baby

I had a great time at the introduction to infant massage class. The strokes I learnt there have helped me settle my baby and Rani made the class fun and interesting. I'll definitely be doing some advanced classes!

It Works!

My son has silent reflux and often suffers with bad wind. Angel Infant Massage Training taught me how to relieve him of the pain and calm him down for sleep. A new way to bond with my son was an added bonus too! Nearly two years on and I still use the techniques I learned with my second son who also suffers with bad wind. Invaluable skills for any parent or carer!

A Way to Bond

Infant massage gave me a new way to bond with my preemie baby, who was very small and fragile - learning infant massage allowed me to have special one on one time with him and soothe him when he was upset - particularly with his colic for the first six months! He's now almost a year old and I still give him massages - particularly when im trying to wind him down before a sleep!

A Joy!

I wanted to learn Infant Massage to gain another skill to be able to bond with my baby in a way that was more than just her being fed and hugged by me. Angel Infant Massage has taught me the basics to relax my little one, I am looking forward to my next session where I can learn more.