Robin Lim - CNN Hero 2011


2011 was a really interesting year for me. After giving birth to my beautiful boy Kaiden in August 2010, I felt propelled to help other Mums. I decided to further my knowledge of Thought Field Therapy and in doing so met two amazing homebirth midwives. One, who is the splitting image of an angel I noticed was working for a woman in Bali all were calling Ibu (Mother) Robin. One day on Facebook, I noticed a call to vote for this woman, recognising her work. I became fascinated with what this amazing woman was trying to achieve. The more I read, the more in awe I was of who this Mother was. She was not only a mother to 8 of her own children, she loved, cared and attended thousands of births.

After deciding to walk the path of the doula, I decided to seek much needed advice before training. Ibu Robin was so kind to reply to me on several occasions giving me the much needed guidance I required.

As you follow your path, make sure you are a mOM #1, and the path of becoming a Doula will spiral out from your Mothering heart. You can always trust your heart to guide you. If you find yourself moving away from being a mOM, that is your brain steering, switch gears and return to your Loving Heart.

This advice resonates in my heart every day. I found the perfect training thorugh Australian Doulas and made friends for life. Every day I strive to help others through love and every day I strive to be the best Mother I can be.

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