Tap, tap, tap - The Power of Thought Field Therapy

Knowing TFT empowers a person to deal with even the most extreme stress and trauma rather than being overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a self-help technique devised by Dr Roger J. Callahan. It is a rapid method to successfully eliminate anger, anxiety, embarassment, fear, traumas, rage, addictive urges, physical pain, depression, shame, guilt and physical pain. People of al ages can use TFT for themselves whenever and wherever they need it.

There are no recorded cases of harm from using TFT and in a given situation it either works or does nothing. It is non-invasive, drug-free and simple to use.

What exactly is Thought Field Therapy?

TFT uses the ancient Chinese meridian system used in acupunture. The person tunes into the thought field and taps on specific meridian points in a particular order, entering information (healing data) into that system.

Thought Field Therapy is a method which provides treatment for emotional, physical and spiritual disturbances based on a code, revealed by Dr. Callahan's causal diagnostic procedures.

As a TFT Practitioner

I have worked with numerous individuals who have suffered both emotional and physical pain. I was trained 10 years ago to Algorithm level and worked as a trainee under the direction of Eugene Pincinotti. I recently completed Diagnostics training in 2011 and aim to assist mothers and families, in particular those who suffer emotional and physical pain around childbirth.

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